红演圈APP是中国领先的演艺人才互联网招聘平台,在演艺人才大数据应用服务领域不断开创先河,基于演艺人才与企业的关系,建立了一套以“才貌”作为重要用人单位需求特征的简历格式和搜索系统,一方面为怀揣演艺梦想的新人提供进入行业的工作机会和展示平台,另一方面为用人单位提供专业人才服务。目前,已为300 万+演艺人才提供职业机会、并服务 10 万+用人单位。



Hotyq (Beijing) Network Technology CO., Ltd.,was established in 2014, is the leading service provider for celebrities in current domestic mobile Internet field. It has two business lines: Hotyq app and Hotyq TV.

Hotyq APP is China’s leading Internet recruitment platform for actors, singers and dancers. It has been breaking new ground in application of celebrities Big Data. Based on the relationships between actors and performers companies, we have established a unique resume form and a searching system, which will match actors’ talent and looking perfectly with the demand of companies. Hotyq APP provides working opportunities for those who have a performing dream yet inexperienced man. We also provide services to performers companies with selecting professional talents. Hotyq has created working opportunities for over 3million actors, singers, dancers and hosts, served over 100 thousands companies.

Hotyq TV is a professional producer of e-business shows, which hosted by Internet celebrity and online entertainment programs. We have been serving over 100 major brands, such as Changyu, Lenovo, Adidas, BOSE, JD Finance, Alibaba Health, with on live program planning, production, broadcast, and marketing since May 2016. Hotyq TV has produced more than 30 broadcasted programs. The programs we produced had been broadcasted in Taobao, JD.COM online platform, and watched by roughly ten million audiences. Those programs have generated over 20 million RMB sales.


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