酷狗音乐成立于2004年,是中国成立最早、也是目前规模最大的数字音乐运营商之一。目前酷狗音乐已从一个单纯的播放器客户端,发展成为多元化音乐交互服务提供商。公司2012年孵化了在线视频互动演艺平台“繁星直播”,2016年12月更名为酷狗直播。2017年,酷狗直播以15万表演者和3亿用户的成绩荣获“最具影响力直播平台”。酷狗直播作为酷狗旗下独立的子品牌,和酷狗音乐形成了一种良性互补关系。酷狗直播坚持以音乐内容为最核心生产力,深耕细分市场,开拓性抢占了音乐垂直领域品类第一。酷狗直播提供明星主播、素人主播视频直播音乐互动服务,并在多个主流城市打造了扶持原创音乐人产业的孵化基地,为更多的音乐人提供从音乐生产、演艺到分发的全产业链 O2O平台。


Established in 2004, Kugou Music is the pioneer and currently No.1 digital music operator in China. Kugou has evolved itself from just a music player platform to an all-in-one service provider of diverse music interactions. In 2012, Kugou developed an online video platform for interacted performance named  “ Fanxing(Star) Live”,  the current new name of which is "Kugou Live". Kugou Live was awarded The Most Influential Live Platform with remarkable 150,000 accumulated performers and 300 million registered users in 2017. As an independent sub-brand of Kugou Music,  Kugou Live becomes a perfect complement to Kugou Music with mutual growths.  Kugou Live is undoubtedly the leader in the field of music vertical platforms, given its laser- focus at music content as core productivity, deeply-explored market segments and its pioneering approaches. In addition to providing interaction opportunity through its online video streaming for both celebrities and non-star hosts, Kugou Live has also developed incubator bases in some major cities to inspire local original music artists, where Kugou as a whole industry chain o2o platform offers full support from producing, performing and distributing.


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