Since its establishment in March 2015, Inke Live streaming has been growing very fast to have more than 100 million users. Being a pioneer in “nationwide live streaming”, the company endeavors to “make live streaming a mainstream lifestyle”, tries to build a social platform where everyone can share their wonderful real lives and to become a leader both at home and abroad.

Inke proposes the concept of “Live Streaming+” to integrate live streaming with many fields, such as variety shows, sports, e-commerce, education, medical treatment, culture, government affairs, etc., to not only constantly enhance the depth, width and standard of the platform, but also bring new prospects and opportunities for future business, culture and life.

In the process of rapid growth, Inke always adheres to the “Green Live Streaming” concept, regards content as the lifeline, actively cooperates with government departments for supervision, consciously safeguards the industry reputation and resists unfair competition, so as to make great contributions for the healthy, orderly and sustainable development of the entire live streaming industry.

Inke, broadcast me on live!





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